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Bild: Matrix-Blinder


Der Matrix Blinder besteht aus 25 Stück Osram Par 30 Flood Lampen.
Das Gerät kann per DMX über die eingebauten Macros oder aber jede Lampe einzeln gesteuert werden und ist mit einem verriegelbaren Fast-lock System ausgestattet. Leistungsaufnahme 1‘900 Watt.


Under the tour name ‘Boxing Kings’, Boxing Kings Promotion organizes tournaments for national and international professional boxers as well as attractive opportunities for ambitioned amateur boxers. Boxing matches and events are promoted with high professional standards in mind.

Bruno Arati and Andre Schenk from the Boxing Kings Club spearhead the athletic support. Both are very well established with the former successful as multiple Swiss boxing champion, trainer, and coach; and the latter as the coach of the Swiss National Team for many years.

Showtech supports the tournaments to the extent they taking place in and around Berne. This includes provision of specific technical equipment or the complete end-to-end configuration of all venues.

Messestand Ciba Specialty Chemicals @ K 2004

CIBA Speciality Chemicals, one of the global players in the pharmaceutical industry, was one of the highlights during the K2004, the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber.

On behalf of Creaworld Ltd., Showtech was responsible for the sound and light performance of the 600 square meters booth. The impressive construction of the booth included sophisticated tabular steel frame covered with fire proof polyamide fabric. The latest LED technology was used together with established moving heads and CMY spots. The entire technology was nearly invisible for the visitors. The result demonstrated great understanding of aesthetics and form.

Move to Rugenrock

In 2003, on the area of the brewery ‘Rugenbraeu’ in Interlaken, the music festival ‘Move to Rugenrock’ was established. The ‘Rugenrock’ festival was the successor of the legendary ‘Unspunnen Festival’. The fast growing festival soon became a ‘must go’ event for the Swiss music scene.

In the years post 2003, many popular national and international artists were engaged. E.g. Gotthard, Roger Hodson, Jimmy Cliff, Vanilla Ninja, DJ Oetzi, Queen Revival Bank, Aextra, Baschi, Roots 66 feat. Polo Hofer, Funky Brotherhood, Burrell, Scream, George, Vanessaedita and Cosmos...

The latter produced a very own live-DVD from their „Rugenrock“ performance. Showtech acted as the general contractor. As such, it was reponsible for planning and realization of the entire stage infrastructure. Up to 22 Showtech employees ensured that the several tonnes of infrastructure was put in good use and the bands could performance at the peak of their abilities.

Unfortunately, the ’Rugenrock’ did not survive post 2006.

City Beach Basel

For the City Beach events in Basel in 2010, we put a 36 square meters acrylic glass stage in a 15x8 meters swimming pool which was filled with 168‘000 litres of water.

The visitors believed that they were walking on water.

The stage was constructed with 18 elements of specially manufactured stage-plates. The beams below the stage were specifically manufactured for this construction. The entire stage was made from aluminium and zinc-plated steel to prevent corrosion since the material was put in water for more than three months.

Deutsche Bank

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Swiss branch, the Deutsche Bank Switzerland invited its employees to spend an unforgettable day in Interlaken/Bernese Oberland.

In a big tent, Showtech realized a mixture of Western city and oriental bazaar. More than 250 spotlights transformed the entire tent in an oasis for the senses. As such, this ambiance ensured to put the guests in a positive emotional state when they entered the tent.

The more than 3`000 employees enjoyed a very special and diversified show.

Showtech acted as the general contractor for the show. As such, it was responsible for the performance and coordination of the entire technical infrastructure. The action on the stage was filmed and projected on the 80 square meters screen to allow all employees to enjoy the show.

Kilchenmann-Event: Handels- und Industrieverein

Light and rigging in the festival hall in Berne.

On behalf of the Kilchenmann Ltd. we realized an employee gathering in the festival hall in Berne.

We flew more than 10 tonnes of technical material in the attic of the hall including more than 40 motors and 300 running meters of cross beams. The lightshow included 48 moving lights and more than 100 conventional spotlights controlled by two grand-MAs.

SWATCH Splashtival

Swatch celebrated its 333 millionths watch produced and sold, and the new product line called ‘Jelly in Jelly’. The multimedia spectacle was realized by Showtech.

The main attraction was the performance of the legendary Blue Man Group, a sensual orgy for eyes and ears. During the show, the Blue Man Group developed a limited Swatch edition. The final part of the evening was a spectacular show above the lake. The music was specifically composed for the show and was synchronised with eight high performance lasers, three water screens with 240 square meter footage each, as well as more than 1500 kg fireworks. All this ensured that the night sky of Lugano was illuminated with phenomenal, poetic and impressive light pictures.

Showtech was responsible for the entire light effects and special effects for all locations including rigging of the main stage and the various ground-supports. Showtech also ensured the performance of the fireworks, the outdoor laser projections and the water screens.

Theater Gurten

Every two years the ‚Theater Gurten’ shows its plays on Berne’s mountain, the ‚Gurten’. The open-air theater requires high professional technical planning and equipment.

Showtech has been responsible for the conceptual planning of the theather lighting together with the responsible scenographer, choreographer and the theater direction. Showtech ensured that the equipment can withstand adverse wheather conditions.

The following plays were realised by us:


Theater Matte

New acoustic and optic
The new theatre hall and the stage were previously used for performances by the church. The renovation has completely changed the character of the hall as described by the actor and technical director of Theater Matte, Markus Enggist, as ‘the room needed a new face’. The stage roof has been removed. The former organ pump at the front of the stage had to give way to new light and stage direction. To improve the acoustical performance, new isolation has been added on top of the white painted roof.

The heavy looking lights in the theatre hall have been replaced with a new lighting system including nine LED-spot-lights; this allows the light operator to create fascinating coloured spaces in the room. In order to ensure longevity, only proven technology was used for the stage technology.

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